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CHC – Adolescent Health

Adolescent Rights/Minor Consent Laws
In Illinois, MINORS (aged 12-17) have rights for confidentiality and consent by law. You DO NOT need parent’s permission, or their health insurance, for certain services.
Patients ages 12 and up have the right to the following WITHOUT parental/guardian consent:
• Pregnancy testing and prenatal care
• Birth control information and contraceptives
• Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
• Substance abuse treatment
• Mental health counseling
• (Up to eight, 90-minute mental health counseling sessions for ages 12-16. Minors can access more than eight sessions if the provider believes it’s in the minor’s best interest to continue or that parental involvement would be detrimental to the minor’s well-being).

To learn more about health services adolescents 12 and older can consent to, click on this link,
Minors Have Rights, Know What They Are

Adolescent Annual Well-Care Visit
An Adolescent Annual Well-Care visit is an appointment with a health care provider that focuses on keeping adolescents (aged 11-21) healthy by addressing health risks before they are a big concern. A Well-Care visit includes the following:
• Physical exam, height/weight and blood pressure checked.
• Check for behavioral and mental health concerns.
• Advice and support on staying healthy (e.g., healthy eating, physical activity, healthy relationships, sexual health, stress management, dental care).
• Immunizations/vaccines as needed.
All adolescents should have a Well-Care visit each year. Annual Well-care visits are 100% covered by health insurance (private and Medicaid).
To make an appointment for an Adolescent annual well-care visit with the Will County Community Health Center,
Call 815-727-8670

It’s important to be prepared and make the most of your teen’s well-care visit. To learn more about preparing for that visit, click on this link,
Make the most of your teen’s doctor visit!

Helping your teen take their health in their own hands now will allow them to be more confident about handling their health care as adults. For suggestions to help your teen take their health into their own hands, click on this link,
Encourage your teen to take health into own hands

Will County has many resources for adolescents. The Adolescent Health Resource Guide will help you find a variety of services for your teen including services for medical care, dental care, and mental health & substance abuse treatment. For the Adolescent Resource Guide, click on this link,
Adolescent Health Resource Guide

Adolescent/Pediatric Medicine
Annual well-care visits (see under Adolescent Annual Well-Care Visit), Developmental Milestone evaluations, Flu shots, Growth evaluations, Sick Visit & Injury evaluations, School Physicals, Sports Physicals, Immunizations, Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment for all Diseases affecting children, Reach Out and Read Program: Your child receives an age appropriate book at each Well visit.
To make an appointment for an adolescent/pediatric appointment at the Will County Community Health Center
Call: 815-727-8670.

Adolescent/Behavioral Health Services
Screening, assessment, and treatment for a range of child & adolescent psychiatry services including, Medication management, Individual and group therapy, Substance abuse treatment.
You may be eligible for a discount if you are not covered by an insurance plan (discounts are based on family size and income).
To make an appointment for Behavioral Health Services at the Will County Community Health Center for your adolescent, Call: 815-727-8670.

Adolescent/Teen Clinic
For persons 12 years old to 21 years old. By law, ages 12 and older can give consent to sexual health services in the state of Illinois. Everything you discuss with clinic staff will be kept private.
• Comprehensive sexual health advice, education, testing, and treatment
• Pregnancy Testing
• Confidential HIV and STD Testing and Treatment (same day)
• Birth control
• Free condoms
• Cost is based on your income, not your parents. Based on sliding scale, often are FREE.

1106 Neal Avenue
Mondays 3:00pm – 6:00pm

TEEN CLINIC – Bolingbrook
323 Quadrangle Drive
Suite #335
Tues. and Thurs. 10:00am-6:00pm

The Will County Community Health Centers in Joliet and Bolingbrook have walk-in Teen Clinic hours, but you are welcome to schedule appointments or walk-in anytime the clinics are open, including Saturdays in Joliet.
To make an appointment at either Location, CALL: 815-727-8670 and ask for the Title X Program.

For Teen Clinic brochure, click here on this link,
Teen Clinic

Dental Clinic
Patients who seek out care in their teens can avoid problems like losing teeth or gum disease which impacts their health, school, and careers. The dental clinic provides treatment of tooth and oral health needs for all ages (fillings, cleaning, gum disease, and more), urgent visits, school exams, X-rays, teeth and deep (below the gum) cleaning, sealants, fluoride treatments, simple surgical extractions.

Dental Clinic Hours
Monday-Thursday: 7:45am-4:30pm, Friday: 7:45am-4:00pm, Saturday: 7:30am-3:30pm

Medicaid is accepted for all ages. Ask about other insurances accepted. You may be eligible for a discount if you are not covered by an insurance plan (discounts are based on family size and income).

To make an appointment with the Will County Community Health Center’s Dental Clinic, Call: 815-774-7300

The Will County Health Department regularly offers immunization clinics at three locations (Joliet, Bolingbrook, and Monee) by appointment only.

Appointment Desk Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8am – 4pm, Wednesday 10am – 6pm, Friday 8am – 11:30am

To make an appointment for immunizations for your adolescent, Call: 815-740-8143 or 877-942-5807

Insurance Enrollment Assistance
Certified Application Counselors are available on-site to assist with applying for health coverage through Medicaid (includes All Kids and SNAP) and the Affordable Care Act also known as the Marketplace. They can also assist with Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility (MPE) enrollment for pregnant women.

For an appointment or to speak with a Certified Application Counselor, Call: 815-774-6090

For more information about Health Insurance and our Certified Application Counselors, click here, Hey! Do you need health insurance