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Epidemiology and Communicable Disease

The mission of the Communicable Disease and Epidemiology Program is to protect and promote the health of Will County residents. There are two components of the Communicable Disease and Epidemiology Program.

Communicable Disease Surveillance: The systematic collection, interpretation, analysis, dissemination and consolidation of data pertaining to the occurrence of a specific disease. Examples include case investigations, school absenteeism data, syndromic surveillance system data, Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI) data from hospitals and physicians.

Epidemiology: The study of the distribution and determinants (factors or events that are capable of bringing about a change in the health status of a population) of health and disease in populations, morbidity (occurrence of illness or illnesses in a population), injuries, disability, and mortality (the occurrence of death in a population).

Will County health care providers and hospitals are required by law (77 Illinois Administrative Code 690) to report any suspected or confirmed cases of selected communicable diseases to the Will County Health Department within a specified numbers of hours or days. Diseases are to be reported either immediately (within 3 hours), within 24 hours, or within 7 days.

The Health Department is required to conduct surveillance and investigate reports of disease, per Illinois Administrative Code, Rules and Regulations of Communicable Disease Control and Immunization, Title 77 Part 690, revised March 2008.

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Communicable Disease Program Contact Information:

Phone: (815) 727-8481

Fax: (815) 727-8833