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Family Health Services:

1. How do I apply for WIC?

A: Please call to schedule an appointment for you to come in to our office. You will need to show proof of identity, household income and address.

2. Who qualifies for WIC?

A: Pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding women and children from birth to age 5 that meet income guidelines.

3. Do I need an appointment?

A: It is best to have an appointment. Please call WIC for an appointment at 815-727-8524.

4. Does WIC take walk-in clinics?
A: We take walk-ins daily as our staffing allows.

5. What are the WIC hours?

A: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 – 4:15, Wednesday 10:30 – 6:15.

6. What do I need to bring to my appointment?

A: Each woman, infant or child that needs WIC services must come to the appointment to be certified for WIC benefits. To get certified for benefits, you need to show proof of identity, household income and address.

7. How do get immunizations for my children?

A: Please call the immunization clinic for an appointment. The number is 815-740-8143 or 877-942-5807.

Environmental Health

1.   How do I apply for a temporary permit?

A:  A link to our Temporary Event application is located under the Forms section of our website. Or you can come into any of our 3 locations to compete the application and submit your payment. You can mail in your application with fee or submit payment online at Pay Code Location (PLC code) 7078.

2. What do I need to do to open a restaurant, food store, food truck?

A:   Before you can open a new facility, it must go through a plan review process.  Links to all our applications, as well as the WCHD Construction Guide is located under the Forms section of our website.

3.  Can I pay online?

A:  YES. Pay Code Location (PLC #7078). Please include your invoice number (IN#) if you have one, if not any number can be filled in. Always include what you are paying for in the comment section.

4.  How do I file a complaint on a food service? Property?

A:  You can click the file a complaint section on our website, or contact any of our 3 offices.  Please provide as much information as possible, including addresses, dates, times, and your contact information so an inspector can follow up.

5. Where can I obtain food manager or food handler training?

A:  At this time the WCHD EH does not offer either of these trainings, more information can be found on the Illinois Department of Public Health website. or

For these or any other questions, please call one of our environmental health offices:

Joliet 815-727-8490
NBO 630-679-7030
EBO 708-534-5721
Behavioral Health
1. Is therapy religion based
A: Therapy is not religion-based but is tailored to each individual ‘s preference

2. Is therapy available in the home?

A: Therapy is only available in the home for individuals receiving Mobile Crisis Response Services.

3. Can I see another therapist from another agency while being a client of Will County?

A: In order for the most effective care, the Division of Behavioral Health requires all individuals to receive services from the agency clinicians within our scope services.  If the individual is assessed to need a service we do not provide, the clinician will provide referrals for outside resources and care coordination.

4. Do you help with entitlements/benefits?

A: Yes, we offer care coordination with ACS Counselors at Will County Community Health Center who will assist individuals in applying for Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care and Private Insurance.

5. Will my preferences be considered when assigning a therapist?

A: The agency takes into consideration individual preferences when assigning therapists.

6. How soon will I be able to see the doctor?

A: Children and Adolescents will be able to see the agency psychiatrist within 1-2 weeks of registration for services.  Individuals in the Mobile Crisis Response Program will be seen as their care requires.

7. How often will I be seen?

A: The agency bases the frequency of visits upon the level of care and need.

8. What number do I call if I am in crisis?

A: Adults in crisis can call 911 or (815)722-3344 for the Crisis Line.

9. How do I reschedule/cancel appointment?

A: To cancel or reschedule an appointment for adults call (815)727-8521 (press 3) and leave a message.  To cancel or reschedule an appointment for child and adolescent call (815)727-8521 (press 6) and leave a message about the cancellation or need to reschedule.

10. I have a question about my bill, whom should I call?

A: The Reimbursement staff will answer all Billing questions, call and leave a message at (815)727-8521 (press 4)  Someone will return your call within 24hrs.

11. Who do I notify if my insurance changes?

A: Call the Reimbursement staff and leave a message and the information at   (815)727-8521 (press 4) Someone will return your call within 24hrs.

12. How can I be linked for psychiatric services at the community health center?

A: Your therapist will provide an assessment to determine if psychiatric services are needed and make a referral.

13. How do I request records?

A: Call (815)727-8521 (press 5) and request to speak to Medical Records staff.

14. Can my child’s grandmother bring him to his therapy appointments?

A: Other individuals can bring minors to their appointments, but no information will be shared unless appropriate releases are signed.

15. What forms of transportation are in the area I can use to get to my visits?

A: The Will County Health Department is on the Pace Bus Route 504.  The route can be obtained online.

Community Health Center

1. How do I make a medical or dental clinic appointment?

A:   – Request one through our Patient Portal

       – Call us at 815.727.8670

2. Do I have to pay?

A:  -We accept a variety of Insurances, both Private and Public (Medicaid & Medicare)

      – If you have no insurance, we offer a sliding fee scale

      – We do not turn any person away who does not have the ability to pay

3. How do I apply for the medical card?

A: Go to the Will County Community Clinic at 1106 Neal Avenue, Joliet to apply for the medical card.

4. Do you offer immunizations?

A: Yes, we offer all Childhood Immunizations, and Flu Shots for adults

5. Do you have Dental Services?

A: Yes, for both children and adults, six days per week, appointments preferred/walk-ins welcome

6. How do I get in touch with my provider?

A:  – Call 815.727.8670 and ask for your provider’s nurse

      – Send a message through our Patient Portal and your provider will send a message back.

7. What services do you provide?

A: – Dental

     – Comprehensive Adult Medical care

     – Diabetes Specialty Clinic

     – Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Medical care

     – Childhood Immunizations

     – Flu shots (all ages)

     – Women’s health

     – Family Planning

     – Free Condoms

     – Confidential HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease counseling and testing

     – HIV prevention with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, ‘’PrEP (Truvada, the once per day pill)

     – Behavioral Health (Psychiatry and Therapy)

     – Psychiatric Medication Injection Clinic

     – Teen Clinic: Sexual Health for persons 12 years old through 21 years old

     – Medication Discount Program (340 B)

     – Substance Abuse Disorder Therapy

     – Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment with Vivitrol and Suboxone