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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The purpose of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant is to have a significant impact on reducing rates of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and existing health disparities and to put youth on the path to a successful future.


Grant History

In March 2016, the IL Department of Human Services (IDHS) funded the Will County Health Department to coordinate a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program within the Village of Bolingbrook. The grant funding for this program was prioritized for communities with high rates of teenage births and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among African American and Hispanic populations. Bolingbrook was identified by IDHS to have higher than average rates of teen births, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

Will County Health Department collaborated with the Valley View School District on the grant application and received letters of support to implement the following evidence-based curricula in Bolingbrook Middle and High Schools:

Making Proud Choices! Curriculum

  • Bolingbrook High School, all students enrolled in health

Making a Difference! Curriculum

  • Brooks Middle School, 8th grade
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Middle School, 8th grade
  • Jane Addams Middle School, 8th grade

This five-year grant provides our agency with funding for programs, curriculum, training, and community health educators to implement evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention curricula in the Valley View School District’s Bolingbrook middle schools and high school. This new evidence-based initiative specifically focuses on reducing the rate of teen pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as risky sexual behaviors among adolescents.

Program Components

Implementation of Evidence-Based Program in Multiple Settings

To have a lasting impact on reducing rates of teen pregnancy and disparities, youth should receive evidence-based TPP programs at multiple times over the course of their adolescence. Community Health Educators will implement the evidence-based TPP programs to scale with fidelity and quality in at least 3 settings.


Evidence-Based Curricula that have been selected for the program

  • High School Curriculum: Making Proud Choices! which includes 14 40-minutes modules
  • Middle School Curriculum: Making a Difference! which includes 13 40-minute modules


Establish a Community Advisory Group and a Youth Leadership Council

In addition, program staff will mobilize the community by engaging a wide range of community members to create and implement a Community Advisory Board and a Youth Leadership Council.  The purpose of the Community Advisor Group is to function as a leadership team to assist in raising awareness, educating, and building support in the community around the issue of teen pregnancy prevention.  The Advisory Group will work toward a shared vision and plan that pools and leverages local resources to enhance the ability of the Bolingbrook community to address teen pregnancy.

The Youth Leadership Board will engage with the community’s youth and lead the community mobilization efforts. The youth will be critical for ensuring that the curriculum and strategies for implementation are relevant and a good fit for the needs of the community. The youth play a vital role in community mobilization, which will lead to a long-lasting impact.

If you are interested in participating in the Community Advisory Group or the Youth Leadership Council, please contact the Teen Pregnancy Prevention program at 815-727-8824

Resource Guide/ Provider Referral Guide Development

Community Health Educators will work to maintain linkages and referrals to a network of organizations that can provide high-quality, youth-friendly health care and support services. Youth-friendly service providers will be included in a community resource and provider referral guide.

The Will County Health Department, in conjunction with the Valley View School District, coordinates a Teen Pregnancy Prevention program in Bolingbrook, due to the community’s higher than average rate of teen pregnancies. The Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program seeks to prevent unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections among teens in Bolingbrook.

In an effort to educate and engage the community, Will County Health Department community health educators have compiled a list of resources on their website for teens, parents, and community members. Teen resources include: information on where to access teen-friendly health services, including contraceptives and condoms, in the Bolingbrook area and information on healthcare rights of youth in Illinois.

If you are a teen seeking these services, check out the teen resource guide below.

Teen Resource Guide (1st edition):    WCHD TPP Resource Guide

Teen Resource Guide (2nd edition): WCHD TPP Resource Guide  2nd edition

Teen Resource Guide (3rd edition):  WCHD TPP Resource Guide  3rd edition

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Teen Resources

Healthcare Rights of Youth in Illinois

According to Illinois law, teens ages 12 and older can access sexual health services without parental consent. This includes testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV, as well as access to contraceptives (birth control). For more information on healthcare rights of youth in Illinois, see the flyer below, created by the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH).

For more information on ICAH and the programs they offer, visit their website at ICAH_Sexual_Rights_handout.

Free condoms

The Will County Health Department has free condoms available at our North Branch office in Bolingbrook. See the flyer for location and hours.

Teen Clinic – Will County Community Health Center North

The Will County Community Health Center is now offering family planning services to teens (ages 12-21) in Bolingbrook! These services include STI testing and treatment, HIV testing, birth control, emergency contraceptives, and condoms. The services are confidential and low-cost for teens. See the flyer for location and hours.

Teen Resource Guide

Community health educators have established links and referrals to a network of organizations listed in this guide that can provide high-quality, youth-friendly healthcare and support services. If you are a teen seeking these services, check out the teen resource guide below.

WCHD_TPP Resource Guide. 2nd edition FINAL


Information for Parents and Community Members

Curriculum information

Community health educators facilitate the Making a Difference! (MAD) and Making Proud Choices! (MPC) programs in Bolingbrook middle schools and high school. Learn more about these evidence-based curricula below.

Talking to Your Teens about Sex

Teens consistently report that parents influence their decisions about sex the most, more than peers and media. Research has found that good parent-child communication is linked to teens avoiding sex, a later age of first sexual activity, increased communication between partners, and increased condom use among sexually active teens. The CDC has published the following resources for parents on talking to your teens about sex.

Get involved! Bolingbrook Alliance for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The mission of the Bolingbrook Alliance for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (BATPP) is to reduce teen pregnancy rates in Bolingbrook through community collaboration, education, and positive youth development. BATPP is comprised of community stakeholders, including service providers from youth-serving organizations, VVSD staff members, community health educators, parents, and community members – just like you! If you are interested in learning more about this group, contact the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program at 815-727-8824 or