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MAPP (Will County Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships)


The Will County Health Department’s involvement in MAPP is the result of two specific requirements, completed by this organization. Every five years local health departments in the state of Illinois are required to complete a needs assessment and community health plan, known as IPLAN (Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Need). Also, hospitals in Illinois are required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years. In Will County, the resulting MAPP Collaborative consists of a broad cross section of organizations and individuals. MAPP is designed to provide a community-focused, data- driven, action-based comprehensive framework for assessing needs and addressing strategic issues. This process is completed every three to five years through cross sectors; such as transportation, environmental, faith-based organizations, school districts, and many more including the local healthcare systems.  Providing one or more of the essential core public health functions; including, but not limited to, community based organizations, social service agencies, hospitals, community health centers, local health department, schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement and businesses.

Will County MAPP Collaborative

A cross-sector of organizations comprise the MAPP Collaborative;

Our Executive Committee is listed below:


Will County Health Department and Community Health Center Locations


The Living Room is a FREE support group hosted by mental health professionals Monday through Friday from 4-8pm at 4331 W. 211th Matteson, Il 60443.

Please see flyer here for more details: Living Room Basic Info Flyer


The Respiratory Health Association is offering FREE Asthma courses for children, grades 3rd through 12th, to discuss topics such as, medication usage, storage, and respiratory irritants; such as Vaping, Smoking, and other respiratory exposures that can cause adverse health outcomes. For more Information on bringing these courses for FREE to your schools….

Click here: Free Asthma Classes

The Access to Food and Nutrition Action Team has done some amazing work in the past year, Take a look at the teams 2019 accomplishments! Take a look here: 2019 Food Access Flyer

Need Food? We are here for YOU!

The MAPP Collaborative has coordinated several Mobile Food Pantries throughout Will County. See attached Flyer for more information on where to find the next Mobile Food Pantry. More information on Food Access to micro-pantries, mobile food pantries and more can be found visiting the link below.


More Food Resources, Click Here: Find Food Resource Sheet


Click Here: Diabetes Resource Guide
The Diabetes Resource Guide was created by the Chronic Disease Action Team of the Will County Mobilizing For Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) Collaborative as a resource to help Will County, Illinois residents to more effectively reduce complications associated with diabetes, provide risk awareness education, and resources for disease management.


The Will County Community Health Center

1106 Neal Avenue

Joliet IL 60433

Offers Diabetes Group Educational Sessions every other Friday with Certified Diabetes Educator Dolly Agba, N.P. These special Diabetes informational sessions take place from 8:30 AM to 10 AM in the CHC’s lower level conference room.


To take the Diabetes Risk Test to see if you may be an individual with prediabetes or diabetes


More Information on individuals living with prediabetes and diabetes…

CLICK HERE: Prediabetes Education English

CLICK HERE: Prediabetes Education Spanish




The 2019 MAPP Fall Forum was hosted on September 13, 2019 @ AMITA Health St. Joseph Medical Center. The event detailed data that stemmed from the 2019 MAPP Process of surveillance and assessment; 4 assessments were conducted: The Community Health Status Assessment, The Forces of Change Assessment, The Local Public Health System Assessment, and the Community Themes and Strengths Assessment. These assessments can be found by clicking the link below:

Click Here:

2018 Community Health Status Assessment

2019 Forces of Change Assessment

2019 Local Public Health System Assessment

2019 Community Themes and Strengths Assessment

Community Survey:


Rethink Your Drink

According to the National Centers for Disease Control, nearly a third of all U.S. children and more than 65 percent of adults are overweight, or obese. Some 65.7 percent of Will County residents are overweight or obese, and the extra pounds most of us carry leads to life-altering chronic conditions.

Obesity is linked to dozens of chronic diseases and conditions, increasing the intake of high sodium and sugar beverages (SSB) is a major factor in the U.S. obesity problem.



Know Where to Go (And Avoid the Emergency Room when Not Necessary)

MAPP has launched an effort to help residents find and utilize a Medical Home as an alternative to ER’s, as well as Quick Care Clinics for medical non-emergencies. Collectively we can reduce non-emergency visits to the ER’s, lower healthcare costs, and benefit everyone.  Consider these statistics:

  • Getting care from a medical home decreases the costs of your care on average by 500%*• $18,000,000,000 could be saved per year, if a medical home is used instead of ER for care*
  • When you have a medical home, care is higher quality and more accessible**
  • 102,424 adults in Will County do not have a medical home.

Know Where to GO: CLICK HERE

The MAPP and Will County Health Department Behavioral Health Team is working to decrease opiate use disorders by improving mental health first aid, linkage to providers, and crisis counseling. Take a look at the impacts that the behavioral health team has embarked on as we continue to help our residents improve their quality of life. 

Click Here for: Behavioral-health-landscape-2019

We Will Work Healthy Award

The WEWILL Work Healthy award program is an initiative of the MAPP Collaborative to promote a culture of wellness in the workplace. The award program recognizes Will County workplaces that are committed to improving employee health and well-being through six main areas of worksite wellness: health promotion/education, physical activity, mental health, environmental health, nutrition, and safety. Join the county in supporting health and wellness right from your own organization! Learn more…..

Click Here for: Worksite Wellness Resource Guide

Will County Health Department Wellness Committee received the SILVER AWARD, for 5 years standing!


MAPP Assessments and Reports (Click Here)

For more on MAPP programs go to

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